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4 mai 2021

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Sora Aoi, one of Western prime product, was remarkably found involving in GTH movie Hormones, that will be guided by Dorm director Songyos Sukmakanan.

GTH studio, who is the picture manufacturer business, kept the news privately without revealing any Sora’s movie pictures or information. Even yet in the 15 February 2008 press discussion, number formal news on Aoi position was announced. Fans were very curious if they saw that Sora was included in Hormones, through the movie critique and trailers.

Pidterm yai huajai wawoon (English subject Hormones) is divided in to four images, each that portrays the enjoys of youngsters, featuring by new Thai pop stars and actresses and needless to say, our popular Japanese star idol, Aoi.

Aoi represents in part as a traveller and accidentally pulled into a son, Hern who will probably enjoy his 36 months wedding along with his girl friend. Hern is just a supporter of Aoi. Some incidents happened at the center which ultimately both Hern and Sora went to the full moon party together.

Hormones collection to become the first important attack in Thailand this year following raking in almost 40 million baht ($1.2 million) in its first week-end of release.It is recognized as a strong starting as Hormones have built $เอวีซับไทย,000 on the starting day, and the revenue has been secure over the following 3 days. Movies which starting significantly more than $180,000 is considered strong starting in Thailand.

One of many significant reason Hormones may make a good influence is because the movie it self is just a teen humor with lots of laughters. Yet another reason is because of the sudden appearance of Sora Aoi in the film offered a quiet but big campaign to the film.

Hundreds supporters have instantly and rapidly distribute the headlines because last Saturday day, particularly in websites and blogs. In just a week, has been associated with about 50 regional websites and was attack by over 20,000 readers

JR-Kavman is really a Western Idol and model’s hot supporter and researcher. He’s very skilled in that market and may frequently recommend some quality sites to the folks around.

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